just a little reminder to myself…


10 Responses to “just a little reminder to myself…”

  1. Wow!

    I’d never seen an American edition of The growing pains of Adrian Mole.

    It looks like a very eclectic collection of books.

    • humdingercrazy Says:

      eclectic? yeah.. I posted that pic just to remind myself to read them and not procrastinate…those are books I have purchased recently but never read… The Adrian Mole novel is a gift from a friend… Have you read it? How do you find it?

  2. PS:

    The only author I don’t know there is

    Bienvenido Santos.

    Could you tell us more about him, please?

    • humdingercrazy Says:

      hi Adelaide!
      Bienvenido Santos is one of the most distinguished and famous novelist and poet here in the Philippines.
      His books are being taught in High school here as part of the Phil. Literature subject…

      • Would you read him if he wasn’t required to be read in school?

        I did read a little bit more about him. (on the Wikipedia).

        So what distinguishes his work? Was he a pioneer, when Filipino literature was not so well known to itself and the world? Is it because of the quality of his writing? The universality of his themes?

  3. humdingercrazy Says:

    I actually haven’t gotten around reading those two books of him (those on the picture) I purchased but I will definitely read them.

    I am trying to read classic and important Philippine and Asian literature as much as I can just to get reacquainted with our history and am also learning themes and styles in writing a novel.

  4. this reminds me too that i have so many books that i haven’t read… not to mention the ones that i want to read again!

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