Bona (1980)

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starring: Nora Aunor, Philip Salvador

directed by: Lino Brocka

Bona  (1980)

Bona (Nora Aunor)  is a girl who decided to abandon her family to become an alalay (help) of  an Narcissistic, drunkard, irresponsible, low rate actor Gardo (Philip Salvador) she admire and regard highly. She does everything for him, cook, clean his house, prepare his things, fetch water for his bath, work she never does in her own household her father so furious about, calling her inutile. She accompanies him to his shoots and even one time pay for an abortion of a girl he accidentally impregnated. She does those things without getting anything in return.  Why she does that we will never understand.  

The film brilliantly depicted the desperate, impoverished lives of Filipinos during pre-People Power Era.  Couple making love could be heard from a house nearby; a door from a decrepit house is damaged because of a silly fight by Gardo and a neighbor.  People queue for hours for a pale of water from a deep well You can ask for food from someone if you have no money to buy them. Reality, in the most painful depiction is the main pull of this masterpiece.

 It is also a study of the psychology of a common Filipino inutile pastime, celebrity worshipping. We love our celebrities. We watch them shamefully promote their unimportant films on tv. We fall from their romantic gimmickry. We have ways now to follow them. But for Bona it’s not a pastime. It’s a dream. A fan living with her idol. It’ s the most important thing for her, to be near her  idol.


JD Salinger.. goodbye and thank you….

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then we came to the end..

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   Who said office life is not a good topic for a novel?

this book humorously and poignantly depicted the humdrum office life… a lot of laugh out loud stories about trivial, trite and inane stuff we do at work..moving and poignant tales of loneliness, desperation, forgiveness

characters who I relate to and made me think of people in my work life

one good read…

great dvd find…. Junebug

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found and watched this gem.. a real, pure and moving film.. brilliant performances by the cast especially Amy Adams..

just a little reminder to myself…

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im HOUSE addict… it is one of the best tv shows around … well written…. learned a lot about the cases they handle, the medical terms i didnt even know existed..House’s twisted and sometimes or most of the times right dispositions in life, love, relationships…

reader’s bloc 2009 humdinger mayo edition

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copying what  Jessica Zafra’s readers bloc series..

my list:

Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami

Native Son – Richard Wright

Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

the brief and wondrous life of oscar wao – Junot Diaz

Beyond Assasinations – Aravind Adiga

The Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka